The country’s newest ad agency has come on the scene packing a punch that has put the entire advertising industry in a tizzy.
- The Independent, June 1996

Valdez & Torry is set to offer this market something new, different and fresh.
- Trinidad Express, June 1996

This new ad agency is off with flying colours.
- Newsday, June 1996

Instant success.
- Caribbean Week, March 1997

Valdez & Torry International was formed in April 1996 by Steven Valdez and Christian Torry. Close friends for a number of years, Steven and Christian also shared a working relationship. Steven, as General Manager and Director of Aleong & Agostini, worked closely and successfully with Christian, then Marketing/Advertising Director of Hi-Lo Food Stores, on that supermarket chain’s advertising account for seven years.

Steven, with some twenty four years experience in the advertising business and Christian with his twenty two years experience in Marketing and Advertising have been responsible for some of this country’s most successful promotional campaigns for Hi-Lo Food Stores. In 1995 and again in 1996, campaigns for which they were directly responsible were awarded First Place honours in the Food Marketing Institute and Woman’s Day International Advertising Awards.

When these two comparatively young, yet highly experienced advertising executives decided to go off on their own, it was with a definite business philosophy in mind. Together they shared a vision of building a young, dynamic, ideas-driven ad agency, staffed and equipped to give hands-on marketing and advertising direction and services to their clients.

From inception, Valdez & Torry International has enjoyed phenomenal growth, acquiring many major blue chip accounts since opening our doors on June 3rd 1996.

The agency also handles several international brands, such as Scotiabank, Samsung, Agfa, MoneyGram Money Transfer and Heinz to name a few.

Valdez & Torry International is also responsible for producing and disseminating advertising material to several Caribbean markets. Through a network of advertising agencies throughout the region, Valdez & Torry International handles the advertising for Scotiabank, Samsung, Grace Kennedy, New Zealand Dairy Board and Wyeth, to name a few.