Media buying remains one of the most complex and competitive of services offered by advertising agencies. The media environment is extremely dynamic today with an ever increasing number of opportunities presenting themselves. The role of the Valdez & Torry International media department is to make sure the right people see the right advertising at the right time in the right place, cost-effectively.

Our Agency's Media Director, Nadine Khan, has many years experience in the advertising business. Nadine’s team of media planners and buyers has earned the trust and complete confidence of the agency's clients in its ability to target, budget and negotiate media contracts that deliver cost effective advertising.

Valdez & Torry International’s selection of media vehicles is based on scientific data extracted from media market research. Media plans and strategies are supported by Estimated Target Reach, Gross Impressions and Frequency Ratios.

Valdez & Torry International is also capable of monitoring the advertising expenditure of our clients’ competitors. This service identifies competitive budgets as well as media-mix and spending patterns.