Valdez & Torry International strives to provide unmatched value for our clients by employing the best account service personnel to provide a complete Professional Advertising Service to each and every client consistent with their needs, means and objectives. Our Account Service Team has many years of experience in Marketing, Advertising, Mass Communications and Business Administration. The combination of shrewd thinking and creative problem solving is the key ingredient in Marketing in the New Millennium.

Valdez & Torry International is always quick to share information. We welcome new insights and ideas based on prudent risk. Our focus on developing marketing strategies that will result in increased awareness and sales for our clients, demand that we remain flexible and dynamic in order for us to apply our best resources to each specific problem or project.

Our team always tries to get “on line” with our clients, realising that the more connected we are, the easier we are to work with. We always try to function like a partner rather than a vendor. This requires us to invest our time in our client’s business and to be valued counsellors at the highest levels. Pricing, Distribution & Merchandising are just a few of the many elements that make up the marketing mix. We assist in all these areas to ensure the end result is an advertising campaign that is successful for our client.

Our international affiliations have greatly expanded the potential of our Account Service Team. Valdez & Torry International draws upon the resources of a network of advertising professionals reaching all parts of the globe.


Benefits we bring to our clients

• Help build your business (competitive edge)
• Create ads which really work
• Become a real business partner (understand your business)
• Be strategically strong
• Seek to out-think competition and take the initiative
• Constantly seek to improve on what we have done
• Have a process tailored to our client’s needs